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What is fire fighting?

The firefighting act is a law passed in 2010 that provides the government with the authority to deploy military forces to put out wildfires.

It allows for the deployment of military aircraft, artillery, special forces, water cannons, helicopters and aerial drones.

It has been used by governments in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Iraq and in Afghanistan itself.

Firefighting actThe first firefighting operation was conducted on 9 January, 2012, by a US-led coalition.

The operation was called Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was a joint operation with the United Nations mission to Iraq.

The coalition launched an operation to clear areas from the burning areas and set up roadblocks and other infrastructure.

The UN said in December that there were more than 1,000 wildfires burning in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

The US military has been using firefighting for years to clear wildfires and to restore natural environments in areas hit by fires.

The firefighting action is considered an essential part of the military’s mission in the event of a catastrophic wildfire event.

The fire fighters have been trained to be able to deal with extreme fire conditions.

Firefighters have been deployed to help clear wildfire hotspots in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey.

The United Nations says that as of July 2018, the United States and its allies had deployed more than 9,600 firefighting troops to fight wildfires.

The UK said in February that it had deployed nearly 2,300 firefighters in the last three years to battle wildfires.

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