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How to fight a wildfire

A few weeks ago, I was on vacation in the mountains of Colorado with my family, enjoying a day out in the sun.

As I was setting out on the drive home, I came across a large brush fire burning near me.

I immediately thought, “Holy shit, this is really big.

This is really going to be a big fire.”

But when I pulled out my cellphone, I realized it was a wildfire.

I knew immediately it was on the border of the Yellowstone National Park, and we were in the midst of a big wildfire.

As we were driving back to the ranch, we noticed the flames were moving south, and I decided to stay put.

When we got to the gate, the road was completely blocked by a brush fire.

We decided to drive around and see if we could see what was going on.

As soon as we got back, the fire was gone.

As a result, we stayed put for another few hours, until the flames disappeared.

 We then went out to the highway and the next morning, we were out on a highway, driving back towards the ranch.

The fire was still raging, and it was just a few miles out.

We pulled over, and when we got in, there were still several hundred people stranded on the road, with no shelter.

I knew that it was going to take some time for everyone to get to safety, so we decided to go into a nearby cabin and start the fire.

The cabin was filled with a lot of people, including my mother, who was still in her cabin with her husband.

As they were starting to leave, a lot more people started coming out of the cabin.

I was scared to death that it would burn so fast, and my mother kept saying, “This is not going to burn down!”

We were trying to figure out how to put the fire out.

At that point, I got to know my brother, who works at a nearby ranch.

He had just arrived in the area and was working on a ranch that had the fire burning.

He told us, “We can’t leave this fire alone.

We need to be ready to fight it.”

We then went into our cabin, and as we started the fire, my mother started yelling, “It’s going to go down.”

I couldn’t believe it, and she then said, “You know, if we get the fire started, the smoke will get so thick that it will hurt.”

My brother and I said, ‘What if it doesn’t go down?’

And he replied, “If we get it started, it’s going down anyway.”

And I was really confused.

I asked him, “Are you serious?”

And he said,, “Yes, I am.”

Then he said to me, “Okay, then what are we doing to stop it?”

And I said to him, ‘Well, we’re going to build a fire tower.’

“I then told my mom that we were going to have to build the fire tower, and her reaction was, “No!

Don’t do it!

“I then asked my brother to get the roof of the building, which we did.

I said that I would stay at the cabin and build the tower.

I then walked back to my cabin and watched as the smoke started to rise.

I also saw the flames get bigger and bigger, and they were going down.

My mother had started to shout, “Get out of here!”

But I had my brother put a fire extinguisher in the fireplace, and he then put out the fire as quickly as he could.

As my mother was shouting, she was holding my brother and said, “‘We’re going in!

Get out!’

“She said, “[It’s] the only way.

“As the smoke got bigger and more dangerous, she started to yell, “They are burning!

They are burning!

“And then she started yelling again, “Stay in your cabin!

“As the smoke began to climb up the hill, my brother said, “…

I can see it.

We can see them.

“As I started to look up the road that we could not see, the fires got bigger, bigger, so I started yelling out to my mother: “We have to get out!

“My mother then yelled back to me: “I’m not leaving!

“And we both started to run out the door, which was right there on the highway.

My mother and I both got to my brother’s cabin and built a fire.

My brother said to my mom, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I just want to get away from here.

“And she said, “”No, don’t worry.

I’m still going to help you.

I’ll take care of the fire.”

We then got out of there and ran to the cabin, where we built the fire and started it.

As soon as the fire began to go up, my mom told me, ‘You guys are doing great. Just

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