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Firefighter codes on fire trucks

Firefighters have developed a code of conduct for responding to fires on their vehicles and trucks.

The code is in place because fire trucks are the most dangerous place to be in.

Firefighters use the codes to make sure the codes don’t become a distraction to others.

“If you’re in the middle of a fire, there are a number of things that you’re going to want to do,” Fire Chief Joe Naugle said.

“There’s no doubt about it.

The codes will be used by everyone to make it clear that we have to do things the right way.”

Codes are only used on the truck or in emergency situations.

The chief said it’s up to individual firefighters to determine how best to use them.

“We’ve got to keep our fingers crossed and stay calm and keep our eyes on the prize, which is to do our job right,” Naugles said.

Fire departments around the country have been adopting the codes for some time.

A recent survey found that nearly 70 percent of fire departments surveyed use them in their departments.

“It’s not like a bunch of people are coming up with new codes and we’re going around and saying, ‘Oh, this is the new thing,'” said Nauglieso.

He said he wants to see how the code becomes more widespread.

“I want to see the codes get into the hands of our firefighters, who have a very important role to play,” he said.

The fire department is using a different code, one that’s being used by police officers in New York City.

Firefighter code of ethics Firefighters are required to follow the same code of ethical conduct as other members of the public.

It includes: 1.

No harassing, offensive, or indecent language or conduct.


Proper attire and proper footwear, including gloves, boots, helmets, protective equipment, boots and protective gear, and proper safety gear.


Never leave a fire unattended.


No smoke.


Do not use your vehicle for personal use.


Do the right thing.


Do your job.

The department is asking that firefighters use the code in their own cars.

“When you are on a fire truck, you’re not in a real safe place.

You’re in a place where you’re exposed to the environment.

You might get burned, you might get injured,” Naughles said of a truck accident.

“So when we’re on fire, you have to make the best of it.”

Naugels office has about 600 firefighters.

Naugesers office is not the only fire department to adopt the code.

In 2014, the Department of Homeland Security released guidelines for its firefighters.

The guidelines include the following: 1) Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times.

2) Do not let any of your fellow firefighters get into your vehicle or out of your vehicle without your permission.

3) Be aware of other vehicles and their occupants.

4) Be alert and alert your superiors.

5) Know how to get help when needed.

6) Do your part in protecting the public and others.

7) Be respectful to others and your own.

8) Do what is best for your crew.

The Department of Defense also uses the code as part of its firefighter standards.

“Firefighters should be respectful to their fellow officers, to their equipment, to the people around them,” Capt. Tom Sorensen said in a statement.

“Our standards are based on common sense and professionalism.”

Soreksen said he understands the codes are popular, but said that many people are reluctant to use the new code.

“Some people don’t want to know the codes and don’t have the resources to know it,” he told NBC News.

“This is not a problem with the code, it’s a problem of how many codes are out there.”

NBC News’ Brian Williams contributed to this report.

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