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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter About Which is the most ridiculous firefighting prop ever?

Which is the most ridiculous firefighting prop ever?

I know, I know.

We’ve all seen the most ridiculously good firefighting gear in our life.

But which is the one that has got us most scared?

Well, that’s where this article comes in.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘horseshoe’ type of prop, which is a firefighting apparatus that’s used to slow down an incoming fire or flames.

These types of firefighting props were originally developed for the World War II era to help slow down the advancing enemy forces.

They were used extensively during the Cold War to contain the effects of nuclear fallout.

In the ’80s, the US government began using these devices for both firefighting and search and rescue purposes.

Now, firefighting is a major industry in the US, and you might have seen some really crazy firefighting equipment at your local fire station.

You might even have seen one of those firefighting tanks that’s supposed to slow the spread of a fire, but really just looks like a giant horseshoe.

So, let’s take a look at the most bizarre firefighting paraphernalia. 

Firefighting prop of the year First, let me introduce you to the most absurd firefighting device ever invented: the ‘Horseshoes’.

The horseshoes are an electrical device that is used to stop an incoming stream of flames from spreading from a hose.

The horsets are usually made from rubber and plastic, but they are often made from aluminium or steel tubing.

These devices are also used to prevent the flames from reaching a fire hose that’s already ignited.

The use of these devices in a firefight is quite common.

However, the devices that make up the ‘firefighting’ apparatus of the day can also be considered ridiculous.

Here are some of the craziest firefighting devices. 


 ‘Frosty White Fire Truck’ Fire truck is a device that can slow the spreading of flames.

The device is made from a piece of aluminum tubing that’s coated with an electrical conductive substance called ‘Frost Blue’.

The conductor of the conductive material causes a ‘frosty’ finish to the aluminum tubing, allowing it to act as a conductor of electricity.

The ‘Frozen Frosty White’ fire truck, made by the United States, uses this same conductive conductor. 


The ‘Firefly Fire Engine’ Fire engine is a small electric vehicle that is designed to slow fire.

The Firefly is a modified Volkswagen Beetle that is also designed to use this same electrical conductor.

The fire engine is made of metal and has a battery pack that is connected to the engine by a cable. 


‘Firefighter’s Hand Grenade’ Hand grenades are used in emergency response and rescue.

The Hand Grenades are made from nylon, rubber, or plastic. 


Water balloon and fire truck Water balloons are a common tool used in disaster relief efforts.

Water balloons can be made from foam and can also have other useful applications. 


Bucket of fire The bucket of fire is a bucket filled with water and rubber. 


Air cannon The air cannon is an air-to-air missile that fires projectiles. 


Horsing around Horseshoes can be a very entertaining prop. 


Spiders out Spider webs are made of rubber and sometimes plastic.

This particular spider web is made up of many rubber and/or plastic pieces. 


Flashlights Flashlight lights are used to illuminate an area. 


A ‘Fireproof’ parachute The parachute is a parachute that can be used to make an area a more fire-proof environment. 


Diving board Dive boards are also common in fire fighting equipment. 


Frozen Fire Truck A fire truck that can hold a fire engine can be an interesting prop.

It’s often made out of aluminum or steel and is also made to use the same conductors as the ‘Fountain Fire Truck’. 



prop of 2012 The list of crazy fire fighting prop of 2011 has only grown since then.

But the list of things that make this list even crazier is almost endless. 


Tornado Prop The tornado prop is made out to look like a tornado. 


Stuffed snowman A stuffed snowman is a popular prop for Halloween and the holidays.

The prop is usually made of plastic or metal. 


Giant Fire Truck The Giant Fire Truck is a prop that looks like an oversized fire truck. 


Snowman Snowman is an internet phenomenon.

The snowman can be seen as a symbol of Halloween or a holiday gift. 


Pillow Fight A pillow fight is a fight between two people who use pillows to fight a fire. 19. Cat

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