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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Services Bizarre, yet deadly, video of two fire fighting tactics used in Australia

Bizarre, yet deadly, video of two fire fighting tactics used in Australia

Posted January 07, 2019 16:05:51A bizarre video has emerged online showing two firefighting strategies being used in an Australian firefighting operation.

The two scenarios are captured in a short video posted on YouTube on Sunday (January 6) in which a firefighter is seen fighting fire in the Australian outback.

The firefighter is filmed in a scene where a wildfire has erupted and is seen using a flare gun to try and stop it.

The firefighting tactics are reminiscent of those used by Australia’s National Fire Service (NFS), which has also deployed firefighting vehicles in the outback, including helicopters.

“We know how to get people out of a burning building safely and safely, but there are times where we need to make sure the safety of others is our number one priority,” National Fire Officer Paul Risley told the ABC.

While firefighters are known to be proficient at the use of firefighting tools, the firefighter’s actions suggest he may have been using them for other reasons.

“I’ve seen this happen before,” Risly said.

A flare gun is used to shoot out a cloud of smoke and flames during a firefighting exercise in the Outback of the Murray-Darling Basin in Victoria.

The video was posted by a user called Firefighter.

“You need to be able to use your hands as a human shield and you need to use all of your skills in an efficient and coordinated manner,” Mr Risling said.

“There are a number of skills that we need in the fire service that we don’t always have access to.”

Firefighting is not only an essential skill, it is also an important part of bushfire fighting.

“A fire is not going to burn down a whole house, it’s going to spread through a whole town,” Rusley said.

Firefighting involves using the use the firefighting vehicle, the emergency equipment and the fire-fighting equipment of other firefighters.

“We need to have an understanding of what fires we’re dealing with, we need an understanding what the fire suppression systems are, we want to know what’s the risk associated with any particular type of fire,” he said.

In the video, the fire fighter uses his hands to block off a road, while his partner uses a flare to try to bring out the fire.

Another firefighter also uses his arms to fight the fire, while the other man uses a fire extinguisher to try.

Firefighters have been deployed to Australia’s outback to battle fires and prevent them spreading.

The National Fire Services are responsible for firefighting in Victoria and South Australia.

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