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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Services Israeli forces fire at Palestinian house, injure three children

Israeli forces fire at Palestinian house, injure three children

Israel on Tuesday fired several rubber-coated metal bullets into a house in the northern occupied West Bank and injured three children, local media reported.

The Palestinian Media Watch news website reported that Israeli forces in the village of Silwan on the Gaza border fired live ammunition at the home of an unidentified Palestinian, who then ran away.

The children were hit by the bullets, which landed on the floor.

The soldiers then fired rubber-capped bullets into the house, it added.

“Israeli forces were called to Silwan after the incident, when they were informed that three children had been injured in a house by rubber-cap bullets,” the media outlet said.

“The soldiers were summoned to the scene and a fire was started in the house.

The three children were taken to hospital for treatment.

They have been treated at the moment, as a result of which no further details can be released.”

The military has in the past used rubber-covered bullets against Palestinian protesters in response to clashes with Israeli forces, but the Israeli military said in October it was suspending use of such weapons.

The army said in January that rubber-clad bullets were not being used against Palestinians, and that the soldiers would not be using them against Palestinians during the conflict with Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza.

The Israeli military has frequently faced criticism for using tear gas and other tactics to disperse crowds in the West Bank, particularly in Jerusalem.

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