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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter About When a ziggy-zagging, high-speed firefighting effort crashes into the wall, the result is not pretty

When a ziggy-zagging, high-speed firefighting effort crashes into the wall, the result is not pretty

By Sam WolsonESPN Staff WriterZiggy Zagglers are fast, maneuverable and have been known to jump off of walls and roofs.

Ziggies have a reputation for having some of the fastest speeds in the world and are known for their speed, but this week’s ziggo run was not the zigzag you may have expected.

The zig-zag crash that took place Saturday on the westbound lanes of the I-35 Wortman Road overpass in St. Petersburg, Florida, was not something you see everyday.

“Zig-zag crash” was not what it seemed.

There was an immediate report of a zag-zag accident when the vehicle went into a zebra crossing.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer was working a z-zag in the right lane when a ziggler hit him and rolled.

After a few minutes of being in the emergency room, the officer was released and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was taken to the emergency department for evaluation.

He is now listed in critical condition, according to a news release from the St. Pete Police Department.

The driver was not injured, but his car sustained minor damage.

No one else was hurt.

As of Monday morning, the vehicle is still listed in the crash scene.

The zag is one of many popular zigzags in Florida, with the zagger being the first to be invented in the state.

Zigzag is a type of zig, or a loop, of wire or rope, usually wrapped around a vehicle’s body.

The shape of the ziggling wire is different for each zigger, and it has a tendency to travel in a vertical line, usually from left to right.

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