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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Services How a drone saved firefighters from an oil spill

How a drone saved firefighters from an oil spill

A fire fighter from Florida was stuck in a tanker truck in the middle of a wildfire, but luckily his efforts saved him from a massive oil spill that was engulfing the town of Blanchard, Texas.

The fire began in the night and was contained to one of the oil tankers, but the crew of the truck, a fire fighter, decided to go to work anyway.

The tanker, called the Blanchards Dime, was running at a speed of over 90 mph when the fire began, the company’s website reports.

The truck was packed with a lot of fuel, and was going so fast that firefighters were forced to stop.

The firefighters tried to slow down the truck while trying to avoid hitting the oil tanker, but when they tried to push the engine, the engine suddenly shut down.

The driver of the tanker tried to keep the truck from slowing down by pulling it forward, but that did not work.

After trying to push it back, the fire crew finally tried to bring the truck to a stop, but it did not stop.

After the fire was contained, the tanker was pulled to the nearest fire station and the fire fighter was able to get a video of the accident to the fire department’s Facebook page.

The video, which was uploaded by the Blanchefire volunteer group, shows the fire truck as it was pulled from the fire.

The crew then noticed that the fuel tank was leaking and decided to do something about it.

They tried to cut the fuel lines, but they were not able to do anything.

They then started to take apart the tanker to see if they could salvage anything, and the flames quickly grew.

The fuel lines had been blown and they were in the process of taking apart the engine.

The flames were so large that they had to be stopped, so the fire fighters got on the engine and started to try and stop the fire from spreading.

They eventually managed to stop the blaze from spreading and were able to put out the fire, but not before a massive amount of oil leaked out of the fuel tanks.

The firefighter was able see that there were several tanks leaking, so he decided to call the fire station.

As the fire started, the tankers brakes were working and he managed to put the fire out with his bare hands.

He told the station that he did not realize that the fire could have gotten out of control, but was thankful that the tank was not caught in the fire and the tanker did not spill any fuel.

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