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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Services How a fire fighting emulsion is being used in a tornado outbreak

How a fire fighting emulsion is being used in a tornado outbreak

A firefighting emulsion, or FEE, is a type of foam used to create foam-based foam for use in fighting a tornado.

It was developed by a Texas firm called AEG that specializes in building fires.

It is also being used to fight the blazes in New Orleans and parts of the country that have been experiencing blazes.

The company says it can create a fire that will last for about one-minute.

“The foam provides a dense foam layer for a high-speed, low-heat response,” the company says on its website.

AEG says it uses the foam in a number of ways.

The foam absorbs heat, causing the fires to expand.

Then, the foam is cooled and spread by air conditioning, creating a protective layer.

Once the layer of foam is set, the fire can be set by pushing air through the foam.

It is a highly effective, cost effective, and effective firefighting technique.

According to the company, it is used in “a wide range of fires” around the world, including in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

“This emulsion foam provides high-precision firefighting in both the high-pressure area and the low-pressure region, allowing firefighting teams to engage and control flames while protecting the structures and residents of the area,” the AEG website says.

As the blizzards spread across the United States and parts in Australia, some firefighters have been forced to use a foam emulsion to fight them.

They were able to fight fires using the foam emulsified by the foam and used air conditioning to fight.

Firefighting foam emulations are also being produced by the University of Texas at Austin.

But this foam emusion is not a new one.

In 2013, AEG also began using a similar type of emulsion in the battle against a blizzard in New York.

There are many other companies using this foam.

Here is a video of how the foam can be used to battle a blizzard:

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