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How to fix a chlorine fire fight

A fire fighter with the US Army has come up with a novel way to defeat a chlorine attack in Iraq, and it involves putting chlorine gas tanks on the roof of a tanker truck.

The tactic, called “the tank-to-tank approach,” has been described as “a highly effective firefighting strategy.”

The idea of tank-based firefighting was first described by a US Army brigade commander who was involved in combat in Iraq from 2004 to 2007.

The US Army’s firefighting doctrine calls for using firefighting equipment on tanks and other vehicles.

The tank-equipped vehicles are called “tankers,” and they are used for conducting firefighting in remote locations.

The truck-to and tank-tank-to strategy works best when a tanker can handle both firefighting and transporting chemicals in and out of the vicinity of the vehicle, according to US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno.

The Army’s tank-vehicle firefighting approach, however, can be very effective in Iraq.

The tanks can transport the chemical to an area where it is needed for the first time, but can also transport it from a tank site to a burning building, for example, according a study by the National Science Foundation and the University of Michigan.

The researchers found that when a chemical can be transported on a tanker, it can be difficult for a tank to contain the fire.

The chemical can easily escape and escape into the atmosphere.

So, when a tanker can transport chemicals safely, the firefighting mission is significantly increased.

The study also noted that when chemical delivery vehicles are used to deliver chemicals, they can also be extremely dangerous for bystanders, who are usually nearby.

For example, if a bystander falls in the tank while trying to put out the fire, they could potentially ignite the chemical.

In the video below, an example of a chlorine tank firefighting scenario, the tank can be seen firing multiple rounds at the burning building.

In this example, the tanker truck is the target.

In response to the video, the US Marine Corps ordered its tankers to conduct firefighting missions.

In January 2018, US Marine Brigadier General Christopher T. Wurzelbacher, the commander of the Marine Corps Chemical and Biological Warfare Command, ordered a firefighting tanker to carry out tank-tracked missions.

He said that the tanker could be used to carry the chemical in the case of a tank-on-tank fire.

According to the Army, the first tanker mission was carried out in December 2018.

The second tanker mission, which lasted three days, was scheduled to take place in January 2019.

It’s unclear when US Marine tanks would be used in the firefight.

The Marine Corps also has used tank-tanked missions on its own and in response to other missions, according the US Marines’ Facebook page.

The firefighting tank mission was part of a “large-scale” training exercise that was held in September 2018 in which the Marine artillery team used two of the three Marine tankers as staging areas for chemical delivery missions.

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