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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter About A fire fighter is the ultimate man-of-the-people, with a penchant for firefighting

A fire fighter is the ultimate man-of-the-people, with a penchant for firefighting

A fire fighting appliance from the 1950s, an early firefighting suit from the 1960s, and now, a firefighting robot.

All of them have been featured in Israeli TV series, which feature the work of fire fighting professionals.

A firefighter is the ideal soldier for a police force, the Israeli Army, the military of Israel and the Israeli Air Force.

He’s the best at what he does, and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

But in a country like Israel, where the majority of the population lives in the countryside, most of the time it’s hard to find the time to put in the effort to become a fire fighting professional.

That is the story of Ashraf Tov, a young fire fighter who spent a lot of his childhood in the Galilee in the Golan Heights.

He was also one of the best fire fighters in the country.

The family was poor and could not afford proper schooling, so Tov went to the local fire academy to learn how to fight.

When he got to the academy, he found himself with a new dream.

After graduating, Tov was chosen to join the IDF and went on to fight in the wars in Lebanon and Gaza.

At the age of 24, he left the academy and went to Syria to fight against ISIS, an Al-Qaeda offshoot.

After his time there, Tove became one of its most well-known fighters.

After ISIS seized the Syrian city of Palmyra, he headed back to the Gordan hills, where he met a man named Rami, who was the head of the local military fire brigade.

It was then that the two men decided to create the first firefighting robots, the Tov and Rami.

After years of hard work, Tervi was selected to create his own robots.

“I was very excited to be given the task of building the Tove robot.

It’s the first time I was given a project of this magnitude,” Tov told Al Jazeera.

Tov’s father had a small shop in the town of Safed and used to spend his time making things like chairs and tables, which he then sold in the local market.

After a few years of making the products, he realized he needed a bigger business and started to start his own business.

He went to work at his father’s shop and started producing his own furniture, which sold very well.

The following year, he decided to open a new shop.

This was when he decided on creating a fire department, as he was still interested in building a business.

Tove was so excited to join this fire department that he decided that he would also join the first team of firefighting bots, the Rami and Ashraf.

The two men worked in a very small shop, but they were always happy working together.

They both loved to make things, which they did together, and the two decided to take a break for a couple of years, which allowed them to work on the machines.

After that, they both decided to join forces to build the first robot.

“When I saw that Rami was interested in me, I told him that I was interested as well, so I told Ashraf to go and get some of the machines, to build me some,” Tove told Al-Jazeera.

In the beginning, Ashraf was not interested in working with Tove.

He said he was more interested in the TOV, and wanted to use him as a prototype, to see if it could be made in his shop.

Ashraf told him he could not use the Toves because they had been stolen from the shop.

When Ashraf asked if he could get the machine back, Tovi said yes.

“After I told Rami I had stolen the Tocs, he said he could do whatever he wanted with them, but that he did not want to do it, and that I should take them to him.

When I told the commander of the battalion, he told me that if I did not get back the Tots, he would shoot me and I would not be allowed to use them anymore,” Tovi told Al Arabiya.

The next day, Tova, Ashri, Rami – and the rest of the crew of the firefighting Tots arrived at Rami’s shop.

After several months of working together, Tevi and Rov decided that the robot could be used for a new kind of job, namely to fight fires in urban areas.

The team of four engineers, five mechanics, two pilots, and one mechanic, came up with the design for the TOT.

It had a fire extinguisher attached to the sides, and it was able to quickly extinguish flames when it was used to cut firebreaks.

“In the first few weeks, we worked on making the robot a little more durable, so it could withstand

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