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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Consulting Trump administration pushes back against Trump’s comments on ISIS

Trump administration pushes back against Trump’s comments on ISIS

President Donald Trump on Wednesday pushed back against his predecessor’s recent comment about the Islamic State group, saying he had “no idea” what the terrorist group was.

Speaking to reporters after his speech in Iowa, Trump said the U.S. is fighting ISIS and said the president had “been very consistent in saying the same thing for a long time.”

He said the White House and the White Senate are working hard to come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS.

“We will have to do what we have to,” Trump said.

“This is a fight that we are winning.”

Trump, who has been under fire for his comments on the group since he was elected president, said he had not read any of the recent remarks by the former President Barack Obama and did not have any knowledge of what the group is or what it was fighting.

He did not specifically mention ISIS by name, saying only that the group “has a horrible name.

I don’t know what it is, and I certainly don’t have any idea what it’s doing.””

What I’m saying is I’ve never heard of it,” Trump added.

“But I think we are going to have to work very hard to figure it out.”

Trump also said he was going to make a decision on whether or not to allow the transfer of U.N. peacekeepers to help fight ISIS.

He said he wanted to make sure that “nobody can come in and take over our country.”

Trump also said that he would work with the State Department to get “big, beautiful, powerful, beautiful people” to the U.-S.

border to help secure it.

“I am going to get the border built up as fast as I can,” he said.

“I am getting a lot of money from Mexico and the Mexican people, and we’re going to do it in a way that’s fair, and that will happen.

I will be the best president we ever had.”

Trump on Wednesday told a gathering of Republican presidential hopefuls in Iowa that he had had “great conversations with President Obama” but had not heard anything from the president on the terrorist organization.

“That’s not true,” Trump told reporters when asked if Obama had given him an update on ISIS.

“If he did, I would have asked him,” Trump continued.

“He did a great job.

I think he was very consistent.

He had a great relationship with President [Barack] Obama, and you know, he had a tremendous relationship with everybody.””

He did talk about the importance of getting the border done in a fair way, but the border is a difficult place,” Trump concluded.

“And we’re talking about getting a border done, and it’s going to be a very, very, long process.”

Trump made a similar point at a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Wednesday night.

“If he does have an update, he’s very good with it, and if he doesn’t, we’re not going to put people in the border, and hopefully we can get the borders finished,” he told supporters. “So I don�t know.

I have no idea.”

In his remarks at the Iowa event, Trump also sought to shift attention away from his recent criticism of Obama and his administration for the lack of progress in the fight against ISIS.

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