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Firefighters coin, fire fighting equipment

The Verge’s resident Fire Fighting expert, John Smeenk, took to Reddit to share his take on the fire fighting gear of the modern firefighter.

“The fire fighter coins are really cool, the metal ones are nice, the ones with the holes in them look nice, but I’d definitely buy the metal version if I could,” Smeink said.

The coins are actually made by a company called Conexant, and are intended for use by firefighters who work in cities where they are not required to wear protective equipment.

Smeank, however, pointed out that the coins are a little hard to find in his area.

“If you live in the city where you need a firefighter badge, you might want to think about getting one.

But the metal coins are pretty hard to come by.

I think the metal coin holders are a good alternative, though.”

He added, “I’d definitely recommend you get the metal versions, but it’s a little harder to find.”

While the coins look cool, Smeens advice is not to buy them unless you’re actually in a city where the coin is required to be worn.

The metal coins, he said, are “not particularly expensive.”

Firefighters aren’t the only ones with their own personal coin collection.

“I’m in a group of six guys who all own the same coin collection,” Smedek told me.

“It’s a pretty cool thing to have your own coin collection in your home.

They’re all pretty cool, and it’s been pretty cool to see all the different coins.”

The coins themselves have an appeal to collectors of vintage coins, and Smeenek said they are a great way to bring that vintage coin back into the 21st century.

“These coins are awesome, and they’re a fun way to play with old coins,” he said.

“You can throw coins around and have fun with them.”

The Firefighter Coins page on Reddit is now the most popular on the site.

If you’re interested in getting a coin from a company you might be interested in, you can sign up to be a beta tester for the Coin-O-Rama, an app that allows you to test coins and see if they work.

You can also use Coin-o-Ramas to find other coins in your area.

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