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‘Fire fighting licence’ may be revoked for ‘insulting and humiliating’ comments

A firefighting licence may be cancelled for “insultingly and humiliating” comments about firefighters, the Queensland Government has announced.

The changes were announced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk yesterday after the State Government was criticised by the Australian Firefighters Union for not doing enough to address concerns about the safety of firefighters.

“Queensland firefighters have a very important role to play in the fight against fire, which is why they are being targeted in this kind of manner,” Ms Palaszyczuk said.

“This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed.”

A copy of the decision issued by the State Fire Services Commission (SFSCC) to revoke the licence has not yet been made public.

It states the licence is being revoked “due to a series of comments made on social media that were highly offensive and embarrassing”.

Ms Palashczuk says the comments were made while firefighters were on the front line fighting a fire on a house on the Gold Coast.

“When you’re at that level, the fact that you’re trying to defend a house and you’re in a position where the situation is very tense and there are people in danger of losing their lives is very offensive,” she said.

Queensland’s fire service says it has reviewed its social media policy “in light of the recent incidents”.

It says it is reviewing the language of social media posts to “reflect current social norms”.

Ms Pramila said she had “no problem” with people making comments about fire fighting that they did not like.

“But if that’s the way we conduct ourselves, I think it should be up to the other parties involved,” she told 3AW’s Brisbane breakfast program.

“I think it would be wrong to take that offence out on firefighters and I think that’s wrong.”

There is a huge amount of anger and hatred going on right now, and I want to see that stop.

“We have a firefighting team that works tirelessly in an environment where people can say and do whatever they want.” “

The State Government is looking at ways to ensure that firefighters who put their lives on the line are treated with the respect they deserve and that is a critical part of our firefighting and emergency response processes,” they said in a statement.

“We have a firefighting team that works tirelessly in an environment where people can say and do whatever they want.”

Firefighting Queensland said in March it would start a review of its social-media policy.

Ms Pamila said while it was “disappointing” that a number of people were not following the policy, it was important to have a process in place for the “many Queenslanders who are passionate about firefighting”.

“It’s important that we all take responsibility for the way in which we conduct our duties and our interactions with each other,” she added.

“So, to be fair, we’re still working on a policy.”

A new firefighting safety message has been posted on social-networking sites.

The Queensland Government said it was working with other organisations to make changes to its social messaging policy.

The State Fire Service (SFP) is in the process of revoking its firefighting firefighting license.

A new Queensland Government message on social networking sites.

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