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How to handle an acetylene fire fight in the forest

A firefighting helicopter was forced to drop a fire fighter on the ground to extinguish a dangerous acetylene blaze that was raging in the forests of Brazil.

The firefight began in the early hours of Friday, and firefighters in the area of Barranquilla were forced to abandon the firefight after a team of fire fighters were hit by the blaze.

“There were a number of incidents with the helicopter and the firefighting team, and it was not a normal situation,” Brazilian Forest Fire Service deputy head of operations, Marcelo Lopes, told reporters.

“The situation was very tense and very dangerous.”

Brazilian firefighters in a helicopter.

Source: AFP/GettyImages The fire fighters had been taking part in a forest fire training exercise with other Brazilian firefighters when they encountered a forest blaze.

The pilots told local media they were surprised to see flames rising in the brush in the remote forest, and feared the forest fire would spread.

“The forest fire had been burning for a long time and was completely in control,” Lopes said.

The helicopter’s pilot said that while he was still in control of the situation, the fire was becoming more and more aggressive.

When the fire fighters realised the flames were on fire, they decided to drop in and put out the blaze themselves.

The forest firefighters were forced from the fire.

Firefighters and firefighters were seen being helped from the flames.

A helicopter crew member, who wished to remain anonymous, told Brazilian news site O Globo that a group of firefighters had to evacuate the forest.

Brazilian police were called to the scene to investigate.

The Acetylene Forest Firefighters Association said in a statement that the helicopter crew was “extremely grateful” to firefighters for saving their lives and that they “were not in the right position to use the air.

In the future, the helicopter should not be used to extinguishing fires.

As for the pilot who was struck by the fire, he is a professional helicopter pilot and had no doubt about what he was doing.

According to the firefighters’ association, the incident is still under investigation.

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