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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter News Why fire fighting is an essential science, by the University of Auckland

Why fire fighting is an essential science, by the University of Auckland

A lot of the stuff that you see in your local pub, supermarket or pub crawl involves burning stuff.

So, what happens if the fire isn’t burning properly?

 It turns out that the human body is really good at detecting when it’s burning properly.

 The human body does something called  perceptual detection, which is when it senses the intensity of a fire and the amount of smoke in the air.

A normal, non-flammable material will cause the air around it to glow a bright orange.

But if the air is burning with high enough intensity, it’ll be pink and the light will change to a reddish hue.

That red glow, called the redness, causes the human eye to detect a large amount of heat in the surrounding air.

It’s a pretty important part of firefighting, and it’s been around for quite some time.

If the air has a strong blue or green colour, the firefighting team is already aware of it.

When you see smoke coming from the area around you, it’s very important that your team get out and investigate it.

You can’t see the smoke without the firefighting team getting out, but they do need to do a lot of work to make sure it’s not getting into the fire.

The fire is still burning It’s very simple, actually.

It’s called the reduce burn effect, and its key role is to reduce the fire rate.

What this means is that your firefighting crew will reduce the flame spread of the fire by applying water to the area.

This is called percolating the fire, and if they’re able to do it with their bare hands, they can reduce the spread of a large fire by as much as 10 times.

They will also reduce the number of people on the scene, by using their own breath to stop the flames from spreading further.

All the while, they’ll keep an eye out for the source of the smoke, which will provide the information that they need to quickly move the fire out of the area to stop it getting bigger.

Reduce burn Effect and Fire suppression Reducing the flame on a fire is a very simple process.

In order to do that, the body relies on the air around them to contain the flame.

It uses heat to cool the air, and this allows the air to cool down faster, allowing it to contain even more heat.

So, the more heat that the air contains, the less heat it has to work with.

As the temperature of the air increases, the amount and intensity of heat that is being emitted increases, which means that more of that heat can escape into the air as smoke.

The less heat the air can hold, the better it can fight a fire.

What you can do with the heat that you can hold in the area of a small fireYou can apply percussion to the fire as you’re dealing with it.

This means that you will use your fingers to control the flame, and you can also blow on the flames, as if you were trying to stop them from spreading.

You can use this to extinguish the fire and put out the fire altogether, or you can use it to slow it down and try to keep the flames contained.

To use this technique, you must first be able to control a fire in a small area, which usually requires you to put a lot more effort into the fight than you might think.

I’m talking about firefighting.

While firefighting has always been an important part, it wasnt always so.

Firefighting was first developed by the Vikings, who were used to fighting fire.

This is why they were so successful at extinguishing fires and keeping people safe.

However, the Vikings also realised that fires were much more dangerous than fires in their environment.

For example, the water that the Vikings used to extinguishing fire was very dangerous, and they would often have to drink it.

It was a terrible experience.

And that’s when it came to firefighting: they realised that the fight against fire wasn’t just about fighting fire, but fighting fire with water.

Using firefighting as a weapon of warThe Viking era wasn’t all about fighting fires.

There were other ways that the Viking people could fight fire, too.

During the First World War, the people of Norway, who lived in what is now the North Atlantic, were used as an important staging point for firefighting operations.

Norwegian ships were called Lager.

Lagers were also called fire engines.

Their engines were very powerful, with a lot o’ engine-power.

They were capable of delivering up to 200 litres of fuel a minute, and had a lot of engines.In

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