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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Consulting How to Save a Fire Fighting Structure From Fire Source MTV News title How To Save A Fire Fighting Structures From Fire

How to Save a Fire Fighting Structure From Fire Source MTV News title How To Save A Fire Fighting Structures From Fire

In this video, video editor and fire fighter Michael Gorman explains the importance of the structure, how to use it, and how to save it from fire.

It’s all here, including a fire fight, what to expect, and what to do in case of a fire.

The video, titled “How To Save a Structure From fire,” was created by Michael Gromans Fire Fighting Team in partnership with the American Red Cross and American Red Crescent Society.

The crew of eight includes a fire fighter, a structural engineer, a firefighter, and a structural inspector.

The fire fighting team’s goal is to save lives and save property by protecting structures.

They are equipped with heavy equipment, including: a water cannon, water hose, and an air compressor, a helicopter, and two bulldozers.

Gorman has spent the past three years fighting fires around the world.

He’s also a firefighter in the U.S. Army and an engineer at the National Fire Protection Association.

He lives in Portland, Oregon, and teaches firefighting and fire safety.

You can watch the video here: How to save a structure from fire video edited by MichaelGorman.

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

Groman’s team has saved the structure and other buildings in the Portland area from fire several times.

One of those buildings is a high-rise building that is part of the Portland International Airport.

Gorman is also the executive director of the Firefighter’s Association of America.

He spoke with MTV News about the importance and importance of structures.MTV News: How does this structure work?

Michael Gorman: This structure has three primary functions: first, it provides water for our structures.

When it’s dry, it gives us a bit of water to keep our structures up.

Second, it holds the water so that we can get our water supply up to our structures from the rain and to the snow.

And third, it allows us to have water in the structures that would otherwise be lost in a wildfire.

We’re using a large amount of water, and we’re using the rainwater that’s stored in the structure to help us get water to our buildings.

When the rain falls, it gets pushed into the structure.

So we use that water to build the structures.

What kind of structure are you talking about?

A structure like this would have one or two windows and one or more doors.

But in this case, we’re talking about a large structure that would have up to 50 to 100 units.

We’d have water tanks in it that would run off of the water coming out of the sprinklers, so it would be a pretty big structure.

MNN: So you’re using water to power the structure?

Michael Gormans: Yes, that’s a part of what the structure does.

MNS: When did you first come up with this idea?

Michael: We came up with the idea in March.

I was the first one to bring it to the attention of the organization, and then I started to talk to the building owner.

I brought it to him.

And he’s a very well-respected building owner, so he immediately got on board.

MNA: How did you get involved with the organization?

Michael: I came to the organization because I wanted to know more about the process.

What are the challenges that we have?

What are we working on?

And then, I asked him, “Why don’t we come up and talk to you and try to come up some solutions for what we need to do to help our firefighters.”

So he contacted me and I brought my idea to him, and he helped us with that.

MNE: Is there anything specific you think we need?

MichaelGormans:”There are a couple of things that we need, specifically, for our structure.

First, we need a sprinkler system in the building.

This is the one we have.

This will be a system that has sprinklers on all the sides and the roof.

That means that you have to be able to get a lot of water in that structure to keep it from burning.

It needs a good sprinkler control system.

That’s the first step, to keep the structure from burning and to keep water from flowing in through the sprinkler systems.

The second thing that we really need is some sort of a sprinklers control system that we could put on the top of the roof so that it would spray out the water that is coming in.

MNF: How do you have the sprinkling system in place?

Michael, the firefighting team: We have a large fire fighting system that’s located in the top part of this building, so we have the structure under the fire.

And then we have an electric sprinkler that we’ve got in the sprinkly area of the building, and that’s the one that we put on top

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