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AUSTIN, Texas — A fire fighter who had to call a cab after getting stuck in a tree was honored at the annual Bastrop County Fire Fighters’ Day event.

The fire fighter was honored Monday at the Bastrop Regional Fire Academy for his bravery and professionalism, Bastrop Fire Department spokeswoman Stephanie Johnson said in a statement.

“The Firefighter for Life Award is presented to a fire fighter on the job who has shown outstanding leadership and leadership skills, the Bastron Fire Department said in the statement.

The award was presented to Patrick Brown, 24, by Bastrop firefighters.

Brown, of Bastrop, Texas, was a Bastrop firefighter for 10 years and had been on the Bastrap Fire Department’s firefighting team since he was 16 years old, Johnson said.

Brown, who has been a firefighter for nine years, was on a mandatory overtime rotation at the time of the fire.

Johnson said Brown received an award for his work in the fire department’s efforts to stop a major fire in October 2014.

He was one of a group of firefighters who were trying to save a house from collapsing during a storm.

The incident happened at the intersection of Texas Highway 617 and US Highway 35 in Bastrop when the homeowner called 911 to report smoke coming from the back of the home.

When emergency crews arrived, they found Brown trapped in a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the highway, Johnson wrote in the department’s statement.

Brown and his fellow firefighters were able to use their water cannons and ladder trucks to free the homeowner, who was taken to a local hospital with burns over 70 percent of his body, according to Johnson.

The rescue effort took about five hours.

Brown’s family was able to donate blood and clothing to help him recover, Johnson’s statement said.

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