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When Ziegler & Co. were in the zone

On the morning of August 11, 2014, an Israeli police officer had to use a ladder to rescue a group of teenage boys from a house in the Beit Shemesh area of Tel Aviv.

The boys were all wearing helmets.

In their pocket, the officer found a plastic bottle containing a liquid which he was unable to contain.

He poured the liquid into a fire extinguisher, which ignited.

He then ran for his life.

He was struck and seriously injured.

The liquid contained benzalkonium chloride (ZnCl 2 ), an oxidant which causes a fire to burn and which is a known carcinogen.

The bottle, which was not labeled, contained about 4,500 mg of ZnCl2 per 1 litre of liquid.

According to Israeli police, the incident was the result of a firefighting operation in which Israeli police officers used a ladder.

They used a rubber hose to reach a fire hydrant, and they then poured the bottle of Zinc Cloth into the hose and started a fire.

The incident caused a fire which was eventually extinguished.

The boy’s injuries were not life-threatening.

But he later received burns and a cut on his arm.

A year later, the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that Israeli police had acted lawfully in using a ladder in a firefight, as it was in other circumstances.

The Israeli High Supreme Court overturned the decision in 2014.

The decision was based on the fact that the police had used a plastic water bottle as a ladder, which they could not contain with the hose, as was the case in the case of the boy in the firefight.

The High Court said that there is no evidence that a plastic tube containing a ZnCCl 2 liquid was used as a weapon.

The court also said that the plastic bottle used in the incident in 2014 was the same plastic bottle that Israeli soldiers used in a similar firefight in 2014, where Israeli police were also injured.

In the latest case of firefighting in the occupied West Bank, Israeli police are facing criticism for the death of the 16-year-old Palestinian who died after he was hit in the face with a plastic hose while trying to extinguish a fire in the Gaza Strip.

The fire that broke out on August 11 in the southern Israeli city of Rafah was quickly extinguished, and the 16 year-old boy was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

The Palestinian boy was an illegal Israeli settler from the occupied Golan Heights.

He had been trying to set fire to the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar in the northern West Bank on the afternoon of August 10.

He and his friend, Ahmad al-Mabhouh, were riding a bicycle when they were hit by a hose and fell into the water, according to the Al Jazeera Arabic news channel.

“The Israeli police used a metal ladder in an attempt to extinguishment the fire, and a plastic pipe that they were trying to attach to a hose,” Al Jazeera’s Hamza al-Shalaby wrote in an article published on Monday.

Al-Mawouh, a 17-year old boy, suffered severe burns to his face and body.

“He was hit by the hose of a hose on his head, and his face was covered in burns,” the Palestinian Authority’s al-Quds television channel reported.

He later died of his injuries.

The use of a plastic nozzle in the use of fire extinguishers in Gaza is a common practice.

It is also a common occurrence in the Israeli occupied West Wall, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israeli police in recent years have been using plastic water bottles to fight fires, and in the past several years, they have also used plastic pipes to extinguishing fires in the West Wall.

Israel has also used a hose to fight a fire inside the West, and has also resorted to using a hose in a situation where an illegal settler is fighting a fire with a hose.

In August 2017, Israeli forces used a water bottle to extinguishes a fire, according a Palestinian television station, as the IDF’s internal affairs department issued a statement stating that it had used the hose “to fight a large fire in an illegal settlement and a small fire in a residential area.”

The statement also said, “the hose used to extinguisher the fire was a plastic plastic bottle and did not contain any Zinc.”

It added that the firefighting unit had used this hose to “fight a large and complex fire in this illegal settlement,” and that it was not an illegal construction in which settlers were fighting fires.

But the fact remains that Israeli forces are using a water hose as a firestarter in an area where Palestinians are being unlawfully attacked, and it is not uncommon for Israeli forces to use plastic bottles as a hose as well.

As of 2017, the IDF was using plastic hose as fire extinguishing tools in the area of the illegal settlement of Har Homa, which

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