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Fire Fighter Anime|fire Fighting Plane|fire Fighter Services Ars Technic’s Mike Hickey: ‘We’ll see the whole thing’

Ars Technic’s Mike Hickey: ‘We’ll see the whole thing’

In the end, it wasn’t a huge surprise when a group of developers called the Alliance of Independent Game Developers (AIGD) submitted an open letter to Microsoft demanding that Microsoft end its “unlawful harassment” against independent game developers.

In it, they accused Microsoft of being “deeply concerned” about the issue of piracy.

Microsoft responded by saying it would “respond to the concerns raised by AIGD, including by providing an update that addresses our concerns about the nature of the anti-piracy measures” that were implemented by Microsoft, and that it was working on a solution.

“Microsoft will not be taking any actions to stop or reverse these measures,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Ars.

“As part of our commitment to providing free software and games to all, we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure our services remain available to the vast majority of people.”

As of Tuesday, Microsoft had not responded to Ars’ request for comment.

AIGS letter, which Ars published on Tuesday, stated that the company had been forced to make changes “because of the threat of the ‘open’ Internet being used to spread the illegal content and to prevent the development of new games.”

“AIGDs statement that Microsoft was taking action to stop and reverse these anti-piracy measures was entirely inaccurate,” the letter continued.

“The threats to freedom of expression and innovation are real, and we are deeply concerned about the current situation.

Microsoft has not been responsive to AIGDs concerns and has not done enough to prevent piracy.”

The letter concluded by stating that “Microsoft’s actions today are part of an ongoing pattern of anti-competitive behavior by Microsoft and its corporate allies.”

Ars contacted Microsoft to ask if the company was considering a legal option to remove its anti-copyright measures.

A spokesperson told us in an email that “we continue to work closely with the Alliance to address these concerns and that Microsoft has received our letter and has taken steps to address them.”

Ars has reached out to Microsoft for comment, and will update this post if we receive a response.

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