The contractor shall use materials in their works subject to inspection prior to despatch, by Owner or his authorised representative of any materials, as deemed necessary in accordance with the following list. All materials not otherwise specified shall be in accordance with the latest Indian Standard Specification, where such exists and prior approval of Owner/Architect. The contractor shall be bound to offer sample of materials, which are claimed to be conforming to IS Specifications, for testing at an approved Test Laboratory.

Contractor shall purchase all materials from the makers or their authorized stockists only. Necessary documentary evidences must be produced to the Owner or their authorised representative on demand. Contractor shall be bound to supply items of any make of the items as per the choice of the Owner without any extra price.

All the materials shall be ISI marked wherever available from the list of manufacturer given above, wherever the ISI marked materials are not available, the materials shall be from the best quality available in the market, subject to submission of satisfactory test report with prior approval from the Owner/Architect.

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