Specification Technological


Motor driven fire pumps:

End suction type, horizontally mounted centrifugal pump (as per IS 1520), TAC approved each capable to deliver 150 cum/hour (2500 lpm) of clear water at minimum 70 M TDH, coupled to a suitably electric motor mounted on a common base frame and antivibration pads coupling, coupling guard and fixing bolts etc. Motor HP to be suitably selected to suit minimum discharge and residual head at the top most hydrant. The characteristic curve should have a larg range of discharge points for different heads.

Diesel Engine driven Fire Pump

End suction type, horizontally mounted centrifugal pump (as per IS 1520), to deliver 150 cum/hour of clear water at minimum 70 M TDH, coupled to a diesel engine, continuously rated of suitable horse power, direct injection, four stroke, water cooled type complete with coupling, coupling guard common base frame, antivibration pads, instrument panel with RPM indicator, pressure gauge, radiator with engine cooling system, fuel tank, tool kit, air filtration unit, exhaust piping with silencer, engine shut-down mechanism, starting mechanism, for both automatic & manual mode, Exide heavy duty batteries with charging system etc. The engine shall be provided with an adjustable governor to control the engine speed within 10% of its rated speed under any condition of load up to the full load rating.

  1. Above pumps shall be capable of furnishing not less than 150% of rated discharge capacity at a head of not less than 65% of the rated head. The shut-off head shall not exceed 120% of rated head.
  2. Diesel engine/motor shall be of continuous rating type and its rating shall be at equivalent to the maximum horse power required as per curve requirement.
  3. The pump sets with cushy foots shall have to be installed on RCC floor already constructed and cost of the required civil works viz chipping of floor & concrete base etc (as required), shall be included in the quoted price of respective pump sets.

C I Sluice Valve

C I components of the sluice valve shall be of Grey cast iron conforming to IS 210. The valves shall be flanged having solid wedge gate valve, inside screw, hand wheel with open-close indications etc all conforming to IS 780 but of nominal pressure rating of PN 1.6 as per TAC norms.

Test Pressure at manufacturers works

Flange drillings shall normally be as per IS 1538. However, if the manufacturer drills the flanges to other standard specifications, the valves shall be supplied with a pair of matching flanges, nuts, bolts, washers, rubber insertion etc and such flanges shall have inside threads to suit pipes of same nominal size as that of the valve. The quoted price of the valves shall also include cost of arrangement for securing the valves in `open' or `closed' positions by padlock/rivetted strap, where required per TAC norms.

G M Valves

Gun metal components of the peets valves i.e. Gate Valves, Check Valves i.e. non-return valves, and Globe valves etc shall be of Gun Metal conforming to Grade 2 of IS 318. The valves shall be having flanged or screwed ends, hand wheel with open-close indications etc all conforming to Class-2 Valves of IS 778 (ISI marked) or imported as per ASTM.

C I non return valves

C I reflux valves, i.e. swing check type non-return valves, shall be conforming to IS 5312. Test pressures shall be same as per CI sluice valves.

M S Pipes and Fittings

All M S pipes shall be as per IS 1239 (heavy/medium quality as mentioned in the schedule of items upto 150 mm N B, as per IS 3589 (minimum 6 mm thick) above 150 mm N B, and the fittings shall be of all welded construction, butt weld type flanges shall conform to IS 6392 and gaskets of synthetic moulded rubber approved by Fire Standard.

All pipes outside the building shall be laid underground at a depth of 1 mtr (approx) and laying shall be as per layout drawing, excavation, back filling of earth, cutting holes in existing structure where necessary, providing puddle collars/pipes as required & making good the damages including making the concerned portion of the structure water tight.

Erection of over ground piping shall be complete with necessary pipe supports hangers with MS angles/plate/nut bolts/clamps etc with fabrication as required including providing MS puddle pipes/collars as required for punctures through walls/slabs etc.

Erection of pipe lines shall also include chipping of wall; making holes inside RCC or brick walls, slabs and necessary civil works for restoration of the surface after completion of erection. The quoted tender rate shall include all the above works, as well as the cost of route markers for under ground pipe lines as per following specifications.

Route marker with cement concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) of size 60 cm x 60 cm at bottoms and 50 cm x 50 cm at the top with a thickness of 10 cm including inscription duly engraved as required (spacing approx 15 mtrs or as directed at site). No extra payment will be made on this account.

a) Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges with controlling cocks etc shall be of approved make having pressure range, bourdon material and dial size as specified in schedule of items.

b) Pressure Switches

Pressure switches with accessories shall be of approved make and design and shall actuate ('cut-off' and/or 'make contact' as required) at pre-set pressures.

Landing Valves (Hydrant Valve)

Gun metal landing valve (internal/external Fire-Hydrants) with oblique type single outlet as per schedule of quantities complete with hose coupling adaptor of 63 mm size, instantaneous spring lock arrangement and blank cap with chain conforming to IS 5290. External Fire-Hydrants to be provided with stand posts as specified in schedule of quantities. Orifice plates may be provided where inlet pressure is required to be reduced as per WBFS requirement.

Branch Pipe

Gun metal, short type, instantaneous pattern branch pipe to suit fire hose delivery coupling of 63 mm size complete with G M nozzle of 20 mm nominal size conforming to IS 903.

Hose with Coupling

63 mm nominal internal dia hose, rubber lined wooven-jacketted coupling with Type-II (Reinforced Rubber lined type) of IS 636, fire fighting delivery hose 15 M long each, fitted with gun metal coupling of 63 mm size with multi serrated tail and double instantaneous spring lock arrangement comprising of male half at one end and female half at other end complete with rubber cup washer and conforming to IS 903.

Hose Reel

Swinging hose reel conforming to IS 884 & comprising of 3 ply rubber hose of length specified in schedule of items, 20 mm (3/4") nominal bore (25 kg/cm2/350 psi bursting pressure), mild steel pressed reel with 170 degree swinging, nozzle of G M chromium plated, with non-jamming controlling handle which shall stay at the `ON' `OFF' position as set, wall brackets with `U' shaped reel carrier made of C I complete with 25 mm NB G M valve at the inlet, and orifice plates (if necessary for reducing pressure).

Air Vessel

Mild steel air vessel adequate size to take care of pressure surges during operation of the system and venting of entrapped air in the system shall be complete with air relief valve, pressure gauge, drain valve and shutt off valve at the inlet.

Valve Chamber

Valve chamber of adequate size to accommodate external valves shall be constructed as directed per site condition.

Fire-Brigade Connections

Fire-Brigade connections (inlets) to Riser and Under Ground Reservoir shall be with two numbers of 63 mm instantaneous inlets for each connection as per TAC norms. Other aspects of the connection shall be as per IS 904.


All external steel surface shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove rust, scale etc before applying the primer.

All underground piping shall be provided protective wrappings as per TAC norms.

  1. All over ground piping/hose boxes/landing valves/hose reel, M S frames etc shall be painted with two (2) coats of RED LEAD primer or equivalent followed by two coats of Post Office Red coloured Synthetic enamel finish paint.
  2. All other equipment shall be given a red oxide/zinc chromate primer and two (2) coats of synthetic enamel.
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